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Compassionate Nutrition Counseling

& Diabetes Education

I help people who struggle with diabetes to find confidence with food, body weight, and blood sugars so they can find their best health.


My Mission

Help women put their health first and find their confidence with food, body weight, and diabetes. You deserve to create your healthiest future through compassionate care for your diabetes.

Take a deep breath. Change is possible - I promise.


 Work with Julie


Nutrition Counseling

Focus on living your fullest life, not spending all your time worrying about what you eat. Feed yourself and your family the same meals. It's time to reinvent your relationship with food. I'll help you create a personalized plan so you can maintain healthy eating habits, separate your food from your feelings, and manage your diabetes. Find pleasure in eating what's best for you and your health, because what you eat fuels your entire life.


Diabetes Management

Taking care of diabetes is a job that never goes away. No matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing, your diabetes is always with you. Taking care of diabetes today means avoiding complications and keeping your independence in the future. Learn to manage your diabetes, eat foods you like, and feel your best.

I am so thankful for Julie’s honesty, kindness, and passion for helping others truly understand what is going on and taking steps in making healthier changes. I would not hesitate to encourage someone to work with Julie. She is truly gifted and I am blessed to be in her care.
— BB

Hello, I’m Julie!

It's lovely to meet you. I've been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Diabetes Care and Education specialist for more than two decades, and I've helped thousands of clients like you to achieve great results with their diabetes. Helping others live healthier lives is deeply satisfying, and I'm so lucky to get to do this work every day.


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