Client Testimonials

Just like these former clients, you can enjoy good food and good health—-without feeling deprived of food or ashamed of your body.

I am so thankful for her honesty, kindness, and passion for helping others truly understand what is going on and taking steps in making healthier changes. I would not hesitate to encourage someone to work with Julie. She is truly gifted and I am blessed to be in her care.


She answers you honestly. She listens and actually answers the question that you are asking. I have not heard from her once that she can not help me with that. She is always there as quickly as she can be in her busy schedule to answer all my questions and right now I have a lot of them.

— LA

She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to advise us which has made a tremendous impact on the A1C level within the first 90 days after diagnosis. We have recommended Julie to other friends and neighbors for assistance with their individual needs.

— FM

In addition to being qualified, Julie is very kind and caring. I felt like she listened to my concerns and took them into consideration when putting together a plan to help me meet my goals.

— BC

As soon as I met Julie and sat down and talked with her, I knew she had a gift of truly listening to where someone is and that indeed I had every right to be there. It was so much more than just about food. We started digging into the emotional reasons that I was reaching for the food – like for comfort or pain. Realizing that I truly wasn’t hungry at times but instead wanted to stuff my feelings about things going on in my life. Each visit has been so eye-opening and her gentle and very human approach is so healing.

— RB

She is wonderful, outgoing and so informative. You will be lucky to get her from the beginning. A very pleasant experience.

— DC

I was privileged to attend a 1-year long program through my employment that Julie was guiding. The class was for pre-diabetic individuals. Julie is patient, informative, helpful, knowledgeable and so much more. Julie helped us as a group and as individuals. She was always open to questions — even if it was not a day that we were having a meeting! She was patient with me especially. She was always there for alternate ideas when I was trying to cut down on my sugar. I was so impressed with her attention to detail and always having an open door. I look forward to adding more things to my life that Julie will be a part of!

— NM

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