See how my courses and coaching programs change lives

I’m all about helping you take action towards your health goals.  If you have a desire to change your health and a willingness to think and do things differently than you’ve done them in the past — so that you can stop dieting once and for all — let’s do this!

I’ve baked action steps into my courses, and my coaching programs are designed to move you to set and acheive your goals, step-by-step.  With each new session, you’ll get closer and closer to where you want to be.  Before you know it, you’ll look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come.  



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She is wonderful, outgoing, and so informative.  You will be lucky to get her from the beginning.  A very pleasant experience!


Highly recommended.

I did love your course. I would highly recommend your program to other diabetic friends.  


She cared.

I really enjoyed Julie and everything she had to say about diabetes. She took the time and actually cared about all of her clients!


Eye opening!

Her gentle and human approach is so healing.

As soon as I met Julie and sat down and talked with her, I knew she had a gift of truly listening to where someone is and that indeed I had every right to be there. It was so much more than just about food. We started digging into the emotional reasons that I was reaching for the food – like for comfort or pain. Realizing that I truly wasn’t hungry at times but instead wanted to stuff my feelings about things going on in my life.  Each visit has been so eye-opening and her gentle and very human approach is so healing.