Tame Type 2 Diabetes in 30 Days

I believe people with diabetes can enjoy good food and good health without feeling ashamed of their bodies. Hello!  Welcome to Tame Type 2 Diabetes in 30 Days! I'm Julie Cunningham, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. I didn't...

Dying To Be Thin

She despised her body weight, and she disliked overweight in anyone else. The size of her body and everyone else’s was a continual topic of conversation. The message was mixed: Food is love, eat it up in large portions, but stay thin to be lovable.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Does it feel like you manage your diabetes, or like your diabetes handles you? So often, I find that clients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes feel overwhelmed when it comes to their condition. This article will give you all the information you need about type 2 diabetes, from signs and symptoms to the best ways to get better blood sugars.

Is the fear of needles keeping you from better blood sugars?

One of the worst-behaved moments of my life was when I went get my kindergarten shots.  I had a terrible fear of needles.  When my parents took me to get the shots, I pitched a big fit, and the nurse offered me a coupon for McDonald's fries afterward to make up for...

5 Diabetes-friendly recipes to make you thankful for Thanksgiving

Ever wish you could just take the day off from diabetes? Especially a holiday like Thanksgiving? The smorgasbord of carb-heavy food is enough to make any person with diabetes run screaming from the table in pure frustration, and I wouldn't blame you at all if you did....

How to Actually Stop Eating Sugar in 3 Simple Steps

  Until I was in middle school, I thought sweets were a required part of the daily diet.  You know...meat, vegetables...brownies with ice cream.  I didn't know that was unusual, that's just the way things were in my family. When I started going over to other...
The Myth of 10,000 Steps a Day

The Myth of 10,000 Steps a Day

  You've probably heard many times that you need to get 10,000 steps a day to achieve good health.  Maybe you wear a pedometer or a fitness watch that counts your steps for you— I do, too, and I like it.  But where did that 10,000 step goal come from?  Is 10,000...

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Exercise and Diabetes:  Day 2 of 30 Days to Tame Type 2

Exercise and Diabetes: Day 2 of 30 Days to Tame Type 2

  Hate the thought of exercise? Actually, me too. People sometimes assume that because my job title is nutritionist, I probably spend my weekends doing triathlons. Not so! My family likes to joke that I'm barely coordinated well enough to walk, and I'm a lot more...

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