Carb Calculator: Get Your Recommended Carbohydrate Intake for Each Meal & Snack in Under a Minute

Ever wondered just how many grams of carbodydrate your body really needs?

There’s so much conflicting advice out there, especially if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Is there a carb calculator you can trust to help you with your diabetes or prediabetes? Should you go keto or follow the Atkins diet? Should you use the plate method? What about net carbs?

If you’ve ever wanted to know the real answer to the carb calculator question from a dietitian and diabetes educator, today’s your lucky day.

I designed this carb calculator to help you easily determine how many grams of carbohydrate you need at each meal and snack, especially if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. That helps keep blood sugars on an even keel, and give your body the fuel it needs at the same time.

But…anyone can use the carb calculator, even if they don’t have diabetes. So if you just want a guideline as to how many carbs you should eat for general health, or if your goal is weight management, this calculator will also work for you.

Simply enter your height and weight, gender, and activity level into the calculator.

Then tell me whether you want to maintain your weight or whether you are trying to take a little weight off.

Give me your email address, and my carb calculator will do the tricky math for you. Your personalized recommendations will be delivered to your email in a flash, and they’ll be broken down into grams of carb by the meal and by the snack.

How can I learn more about counting carbs after I get my results?

Once your have your results, here are few articles that can help you expand your knowledge about carb counting: