You’re frustrated, and you feel like a failure.  You’ve tried everything to get your blood sugar under control, and you just keep gaining weight.

You know you need to change the way you eat, but you turn to food for comfort when times are tough…and there have been a lot of tough times lately.

You’re ashamed of your body.  You’re not trying to be a supermodel, but you’d like to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Something’s gotta give.

I believe people with diabetes can enjoy good food, good health without feeling deprived of food or ashamed of their bodies.

“I have been a diabetic type 2 for about 25 years. I had several classes on diabetes education before. When I went to see Julie I was having trouble keeping my sugar under control. She taught me things I was never told before and I highly recommend her to anyone who has diabetes.”


My Story

Growing up in the South, I learned that food and love were pretty close to the same thing.  My family used food–especially desserts–to relieve stress, cure boredom, and to celebrate anything worth celebrating.  Most of the people I knew suffered from high blood pressure or heart disease and three of my grandparents had diabetes.

As a young person, I was perpetually afraid of being fat.  At the same time, I was always hungry, and I had learned to soothe my frustrations with food.  I struggled to feel good about my body at a normal weight.

I wanted to avoid the devastating loss of health that comes from using food for comfort, and I wanted to understand how food could contribute to health instead of detracting from it.   I learned why the foodways of my friends and family in the South had such devastating health effects,  and I came to understand how to change my diet to protect my health.  I made peace with the fact that I would never be bone-thin, but I could stay at a healthy weight without starving myself.  I became confident in my food choices and satisfied with my weight.

Exploring my own relationship with food led me to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist specializing in diabetes, prediabetes, and emotional overeating.

Today, I’ve helped thousands of clients use food for what it really is — fuel for a healthy life — instead of using it for comfort.  I translate nutrition science and diabetes education into individualized, step-by-step plans for clients.  My clients learn to feel satisfied with their food, their weight, and their blood sugars.  Ultimately, my clients learn to find confidence in their bodies and in themselves.  


Imagine going through your day without stressing out about whether your blood sugars are in control, knowing you have all the tools you need to keep your blood sugar right where you want it. 

Imagine getting on the scale without dreading the number that will show up. 

Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling good about your body and proud of your ability to take care of yourself.

When you become a member of the Tame Type 2 community, you’ll learn to confidently manage your blood sugars without feeling deprived of food or ashamed of your body.

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